Carnelian Bay


Boating is to Carnelian Bay what blue is to Lake Tahoe. In summer, it is life. The Sierra Boat Company, considered a premier US wooden boat builder, opened here in 1952. Boat fanatics from around the country trailer their classic woodies to the Concours d”Elegance¬†wooden boat show each summer for a weekend of nostalgic Lake Tahoe cruising.¬†Carnelian’s two state beaches belong to dogs, kayakers and sunset seekers and in winter, Carnelian Bay’s central location is within close range to over 10 ski resorts.

Today, a high percentage of permanent residents live in a mix of older and newer homes in this secluded area.  In addition, there are a number of vacation rentals both in the woods and along the shore.

Price Range: $680K – $5.5 mil.
Amenities: Some waterfront amenities for various properties
Condos: Yes
Approximate Lot Size: .2 – .6 acres
Price Range for Lots: $500K – $2.2 mil.

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