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Featured image showing a happy woman enjoying a snowy day in Truckee.

The Citizens of Truckee Invest In Mental Health

The Town of Truckee Invests In Mental Health Getting outdoors and being active, engaging with the arts, and pursuing educational opportunities can all help to reduce stress, boost mood, and provide positive social connections. See how the citizens of Truckee make an effort to prioritize outdoor and creative activities to help our mental health and [...]
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Featured Image showing winter views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierras.

Reasons to Love Truckee

Reasons to Love Truckee Truckee, California is considered beautiful for several reasons. It is situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which provide stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The town is also within close proximity to Lake Tahoe, which is known for its pristine beauty and crystal-clear waters. Additionally, Truckee is home to a number [...]
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Featured image showing kids celebrating Earth Day at the Tahoe Truckee Earth Day Festival

Everyone Is A Steward Of Our Environment

Everyone Is A Steward Of Our Environment Everyone can be a steward of the environment through simple steps, such as reducing the amount of waste they produce, using eco-friendly products, conserving energy and water, and participating in local environmental initiatives. Individuals can also help the environment by advocating for green policies, volunteering with local environmental [...]
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